SPL Velocity Stands
The SPL Velocity 890 Series feature unique stands that offer class-leading strength, stability and thoughtful designs.

Features include collar joint memory locks that remember your perfect height and top-tier angle, ensuring your custom positioning between each teardown and assembly, large, contoured wing nuts for easy and comfortable adjustments, tapered double braced tripod leg design focuses strength toward the base, providing the ultimate in stability for small and wide footprint setup, and open-tread rubber feet that absorb downward vibration, keeping energy, resonance and tone characteristic of your snare and cymbals intact.

SPL VLCB890 Boom Cymbal Stand
SPL VLHH890 3-Leg Hi-Hat Stand
SPL VLSS890 Snare Stand
SPL VLCS890 Straight Cymbal Stand

For Snares


Snare Stand


4-Piece Hardware Pack

For Cymbals


Boom Cymbal Stand


Straight Cymbal Stand

For Hi-Hats


3-Leg Hi-Hat Stand


2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand


  • 14″ Shell diameter for optimal volume/timbre match
  • Choose from 4″, 6″ or 8″ shell depths to add more tones and textures
  • 6-Ply poplar wood shell for consistent tone and attack
  • Precision 45º bearing edge with hand-cut snare beds
  • Lateral smooth-action cast throw-off and butt-end
  • Chrome plated hardware, including attractive mini-tube lugs
  • 10-hole, 1.6mm triple-flange hoops
  • Includes Remo® coated batter-side heads
  • All sizes available in Scarlet Fade, Silver Tone Fade, and Turquoise Blue Fade