Velocity Cymbal Boom Stand
SPL VLHH890 3-Leg Hi-Hat Stand


The SPL VLHH890 3-Leg Hi-Hat Stand allows drummers to deliver top performance through unique and innovative features.

A two-section, center pull rod with a direct chain drive design ensures smooth action, allowing for nuance playing and the ultimate in hi-hat expression. An adjustable bottom cymbal cup minimizes air lock during cymbal closing for even more hi-hat control, while a smooth textured footboard provides heel-to-toe coverage, allowing for multiple foot playing techniques including quick hits and slides.

A 3-leg, rotating tripod leg design allows for 360 degrees of rotation, providing unique and multiple stand and pedal setups, and its classic, spring-design adjustable footboard tension enables custom tensioning for any personal playing style.

Its shoulder-to-foot tapered double braced tripod leg design focuses strength toward the base, providing the ultimate in stability for small and wide footprint setups. Large, open-tread rubber feet absorb downward vibration, keeping energy, resonance and tone characteristic of your hi-hat intact.

SPL VLHH890 3-Leg Hi-Hat Stand
SPL VLHH890 3-Leg Hi-Hat Stand
SPL VLHH890 3-Leg Hi-Hat Stand
SPL VLHH890 3-Leg Hi-Hat Stand


  • 18″ to 24″ Height adjustment
  • Accommodates 10″ to 15″ snare diameters
  • Off-set snare basket
  • Ball and socket basket tilt
  • Bottom molded comfort grip snare basket adjustments
  • Classic, spring-design adjustable footboard tension
  • 360-degree, rotating tripod leg design
  • Large, contoured wing nuts
  • Tapered, double-braced tripod legs
  • Open-tread rubber feet

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