Velocity Cymbal Boom Stand
SPL VLCB890 Boom Cymbal Stand


The SPL VLCB890 Boom Cymbal Stand allows drummers to deliver top performance through unique and innovative features.

Its off-set, contoured cymbal tilter includes infinite angle adjustments for ease of positioning for all cymbal diameters. A one-piece brass cymbal tilter with micro-adjustment allow for the optimal degree of attack angle for your playing style.

A collar joint memory lock remembers your perfect height and top-tier angle, ensuring your custom positioning between each teardown and assembly. Its shoulder-to-foot tapered double braced tripod leg design focuses strength toward the base, providing the ultimate in stability for small and wide footprint setups.

Large, open-tread rubber feet absorb downward vibration, keeping energy, resonance and tone characteristic of your cymbal intact.

The SPL Velocity 890 Series feature unique stands that offer class-leading strength, stability and thoughtful designs.

SPL VLCB890 Boom Cymbal Stand
SPL VLCB890 Boom Cymbal Stand
SPL VLCB890 Boom Cymbal Stand
SPL VLCB890 Boom Cymbal Stand


  • 33″ to 60″ Height adjustment
  • 18″ Knurled boom arm length
  • Micro-adjusting, off-set contoured tilter
  • Collar joint memory lock
  • Large, contoured wing nuts
  • Tapered, double-braced tripod legs
  • Open-tread rubber feet

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