SPL Marching and Concert Drums Now Featuring Premium Evans Drum Heads

SPL Evans drum headsThousand Oaks, CA – March 2018..… Sound Percussion Labs (SPL), designers of quality drums, percussion, and hardware for today’s hard-working musicians, is pleased to announce that all SPL Marching and Concert Drums now come standard with top quality Evans™ drum heads. For each model and application, these SPL drums come with Evans MX1™ heads for bass drums, Heavyweight™, and Hybrid™ heads for snare drums, System Blue™ and Corps Clear™ heads for the Birch Tenor drums and EC2™ heads for Concert Toms, ensuring a premium performance experience.

Evans invented the weatherproof synthetic drumhead in 1956, changing the drum world forever. Known for outstanding sound quality, consistency, and durability, Evans is the first and only drum head manufacturer to be certified ISO9001 compliant, a certification that proves the company’s commitment to quality.

Evans™ MX1™ Marching Bass 1-Ply series heads include a unique tone damping system that can be manipulated by applying individual felt arcs (included) to enhance articulation and focus low-end for both indoor and outdoor marching.

SPL Evans drum headsEvans™ Heavyweight™ Clear Snare Batter heads, included on SPL Standard Marching Snare Drums, combine dual plies of 10 mil film to provide maximum durability and compressed attack while maintaining a high dynamic range. The Reverse Dot lends extra durability focus and attack in the center. SPL High Tension Snare Drums are outfitted with the Evans™ Hybrid™ Series, utilizing two high-tensile fibers for durability and flexibility to achieve greater sensitivity, a broad dynamic range, and enhanced projection.

Evans™ System Blue™ Tenor series was developed with the multiple DCI World Championship-winning Concord Blue Devils corps. Featuring a unique film combination and sound control technology, the System Blue™ series offers enhanced attack, tonal clarity, and projection with increased durability and tuning stability. System Blue™ heads are included on all Birch Marching Tenor Drums. For the individual 6″ or “Spock Drum,” Evans™ Corps Clear™ heads are included, and feature two plies of film providing cutting attack and accents to the Quints and Sextets while delivering prolonged life and staying in tune longer.

SPL Evans drum heads
SPL Concert Toms use Evans™ EC2™ series. The Sound Shaping Technology (SST™) Edge Control ring mounted on the underside delivers an extremely well balanced and pre-EQ’d sound across the full set by varying the size of the ring for each different head size. Two 7mil plies optimize attack, tone, sustain and ease of tuning.

SPL Concert and Marching Drums are available at Guitar Center stores and at www.guitarcenter.com, www.musiciansfriend.com, www.wwbw.com and musicarts.com.

SPL Marching Drums Provide a Competitive Edge

SPL Marching DrumsThousand Oaks, CA – March 2017..… Sound Percussion Labs (SPL), designers of quality drums, percussion, and accessories for today’s hard-working musicians, has introduced new competition marching drums that enable your marching ensemble to hit the field at full power. These top-quality instruments feature all-birch construction for bright, cutting tone and low-end attack. Hard, dense birch provides an articulate, focused sound that’s highly desirable for marching drums. The triple-flange hoops and Remo USA Crimplock® Pinstripe® heads create the open sound, increased sustain, and articulation necessary for high-level competition. All SPL marching drums are available in black or white finishes, and sticks are included.

For the most drum-configuration options, start with the SPL Birch Competition Marching Tenor Quads. These SPL tenors feature 7-ply all-birch shells for a bright, highly projected sound while maintaining low-end attack-ideal for halftime shows, parades, pep bands, and more. They’re available with 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch and 13-inch shells. Most companies charge extra for a carrier, but SPL includes a sturdy, rugged, lightweight, T-style carrier free to ensure you can effortlessly carry your marching drums.

SPL Tenor QuadsWhen you want to expand your marching drums, the SPL 6-inch Birch Marching Tenors are an ideal solution. Since all SPL marching drums are modular, you can quickly and easily swap out drums, enabling you to reconfigure your set. No drilling or special tools are needed; simply add the 6-inch tenor (or two) to expand a quad into a quint or even a sextet, using the preconfigured slots on the SPL carrier-or downsize a quint or sextet to a quad with ease.

If you are ready to go big or go home, opt for SPL’s Birch Competition Marching Tenor Sextet, which includes two 6-inch shells, along with 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, and 13-inch sizes. As with the Marching Tenor Quads and Quints, the SPL T-style carrier and sticks are included.

“Our new marching drums are exactly what you need for a competitive marching ensemble,” offers SPL Product Manager Clyde Miller. “We use only top-quality wood and other materials, and we paid attention to details and components that make a difference. The result is great sounding instruments that will hold up under the stress of travel and outdoor performances, show after show.”

SPL Competition Marching Drums are available at Guitar Center, Musician’s Friend and Woodwind and Brasswind (wwbw.com).

Sound Percussion Labs Debuts New Unity Shell Packs

SPL 5 Piece Shell Pack WhiteThousand Oaks, CA – January 2017..… Sound Percussion Labs (SPL), designers of quality drums and percussion equipment for today’s hard-working musicians, introduces three new Unity Series drum “shell packs”. Great for beginners and advancing students, these shell packs (drum sets without the stands, pedals, and cymbals) feature rugged, multi-ply, poplar shells that deliver a bright, projected sound, ready to fill any practice space or performance venue.

Unity Series shells offer sturdy, 5.6 mm, 8-ply construction, with low-mass lugs and precision, 45-degree bearing edges for enhanced attack and superior sustain. They employ durable one-piece, weld-less, triple-flange hoops for enhanced strength and include top-quality Remo heads.

A high-quality, yet affordable solution for expanding your existing drum kit, the SPL Unity 3-Piece Extension Shell Pack includes a 22×16-inch bass drum, 8×7-inch rack tom, and 14×12-inch floor tom. Add this trio, and your old drum kit will feel and sound fresh, with many more musical possibilities.

SPL 8 Piece Shell Pack BlackDesigned for the advancing player who wants a great sounding drum kit at an equally outstanding price, the SPL Unity 5-Piece Shell Pack offers a 22×16-inch bass drum, 10×8-inch and 12×9-inch rack toms, a 16×14-inch floor tom, and a 14×5-inch snare. Use it to built a new kit or to upgrade your existing kit in a big way.

If you’re ready to go all out, get the SPL Unity 8-Piece Shell Pack. Delivering great tone, power to spare, and more drums than you can shake a stick at, this monster kit delivers dual 22×16-inch bass drums; 8×7-inch, 10×8-inch, and 12x 9-inch rack toms; 14×12-inch and 16×14-inch floor toms, and a 14×5-inch snare.

A kit this potent is not for the faint of heart but if you’re serious about double-kick drumming, the Unity 8-Piece Shell Pack is for you.
SPL 8 Piece Shell Pack Wine Red
Not quite ready for the full 8-piece experience yet? Start with the Unity 5-Piece Shell Pack, and add the Unity 3-Piece Extension Shell Pack later. The two smaller kits combine to give you the equivalent of a full-blown Unity 8-Piece Shell Pack.

“Our Unity Shell Packs are high-quality and very affordable, and they’re great for a wide variety of styles and skill levels,” observes SPL Product Manager Clyde Miller. “These poplar shells sound bright and present, and they’re built to last. We’re very proud of them.”

All three SPL Unity Shell Packs are offered in White, Black, Silver Sparkle, and Wine Red finishes. Cymbals, pedals, and stands are available separately. SPL Unity Shell Packs are available at www.guitarcenter.com, and at Musician’s Friend.

Sound Percussion Labs Announces Unity Birch Kit

SPL DBX5522 Red MistThousand Oaks, CA – March 2016..… Sound Percussion Labs (SPL), designers of quality drums, percussion, and hardware for today’s hard-working musicians, introduces the new SPL DBX5522 Unity Birch kit, a 5-piece, all-in-one drum set designed with high-grade all-birch shells for warm, full-rounded tone and deep, powerful attack.

Featuring SPL’s exclusive Arch-Tech™ bearing edge design for fast, easy tuning and ultra-warm tone, the Unity Birch Set’s 100% birch construction delivers the deep, resonant sound drummers crave. Starting with an all-birch 22″ x 16″ kick drum, 10″ x 8″ and 12″ x 9″ mounted toms, 16″ x 14″ floor tom, and 14″ x 5″ matching snare, the Unity Birch Drum Set also includes an 18″ crash/ride cymbal, a pair of 14″ hi-hat cymbals.

Matching, solid wood bass drum hoop adds to the aesthetic, and low-mass lugs help maximize resonance even more, making this the perfect high-value drum set for a broad variety of drummers. All drums are fitted with high-quality Remo heads. The Unity Birch 5-Piece Drum Set includes everything you need to start playing right now, right out of the box, including top-grade, chrome plated, double-braced cymbal, snare, and hi-hat stands, single-chain direct drive bass drum pedal, hardware, and even a drum throne.
SPL DBX5522 Black Mist
“The DBX5522 Unity Birch kit is the latest in the new generation of Sound Percussion Labs drums, and it’s one we’re particularly proud of,” remarked SPL Product Manager, Clyde Miller. “It’s a high-quality, affordable drum kit that’s well made, great sounding, and looks fantastic.”

Available in Black Mist, Red Mist, and Silver Mist finishes, the Unity Birch kit is available at all Guitar Center stores, guitarcenter.com, and Musician’s Friend, carrying a street price of $499.99.