SPL Evans drum headsThousand Oaks, CA – March 2018..… Sound Percussion Labs (SPL), designers of quality drums, percussion, and hardware for today’s hard-working musicians, is pleased to announce that all SPL Marching and Concert Drums now come standard with top quality Evans™ drum heads. For each model and application, these SPL drums come with Evans MX1™ heads for bass drums, Heavyweight™, and Hybrid™ heads for snare drums, System Blue™ and Corps Clear™ heads for the Birch Tenor drums and EC2™ heads for Concert Toms, ensuring a premium performance experience.

Evans invented the weatherproof synthetic drumhead in 1956, changing the drum world forever. Known for outstanding sound quality, consistency, and durability, Evans is the first and only drum head manufacturer to be certified ISO9001 compliant, a certification that proves the company’s commitment to quality.

Evans™ MX1™ Marching Bass 1-Ply series heads include a unique tone damping system that can be manipulated by applying individual felt arcs (included) to enhance articulation and focus low-end for both indoor and outdoor marching.

SPL Evans drum headsEvans™ Heavyweight™ Clear Snare Batter heads, included on SPL Standard Marching Snare Drums, combine dual plies of 10 mil film to provide maximum durability and compressed attack while maintaining a high dynamic range. The Reverse Dot lends extra durability focus and attack in the center. SPL High Tension Snare Drums are outfitted with the Evans™ Hybrid™ Series, utilizing two high-tensile fibers for durability and flexibility to achieve greater sensitivity, a broad dynamic range, and enhanced projection.

Evans™ System Blue™ Tenor series was developed with the multiple DCI World Championship-winning Concord Blue Devils corps. Featuring a unique film combination and sound control technology, the System Blue™ series offers enhanced attack, tonal clarity, and projection with increased durability and tuning stability. System Blue™ heads are included on all Birch Marching Tenor Drums. For the individual 6″ or “Spock Drum,” Evans™ Corps Clear™ heads are included, and feature two plies of film providing cutting attack and accents to the Quints and Sextets while delivering prolonged life and staying in tune longer.

SPL Evans drum heads
SPL Concert Toms use Evans™ EC2™ series. The Sound Shaping Technology (SST™) Edge Control ring mounted on the underside delivers an extremely well balanced and pre-EQ’d sound across the full set by varying the size of the ring for each different head size. Two 7mil plies optimize attack, tone, sustain and ease of tuning.

SPL Concert and Marching Drums are available at Guitar Center stores and at www.guitarcenter.com, www.musiciansfriend.com, www.wwbw.com and musicarts.com.