Sound Percussion Labs Clamps, Mounts, Holders

Clamps, Mounts & Holders

Sound Percussion Labs offers a variety of top quality clamps, mounts and holders as accessories for your drum and percussion set. From drum & rack clamps, to percussion mounts, cymbals & hardware and hi-hat clutches, SPL has a wide variety of drum & percussion hardware for you to choose from.

Auxiliary Clamps

SPH01 Pro Multi-Clamp

Pro Multi-Clamp

Model # SPH01
SPH06 Pro Adjustable Multi Clamp

Pro Adjustable Multi Clamp

Model # SPH06

Percussion Mounts

SPH02 Single Rod Accessory Mount

Single Rod Accessory Mount

Model # SPH02
SPH03 Adjustable L-Rod Ball Clamp 10 in.

Adjustable L-Rod Ball Clamp

Model # SPH03
SPH04 Bass Drum Cowbell Holder

Bass Drum Cowbell Holder

Model # SPH04
SPH05 Adjustable L-Rod Ball Mount 10 in.

Adjustable L-Rod Ball Mount

Model # SPH05
SPH07 Wind Chime Mount

Wind Chime Mount

Model # SPH07

Cymbal Holders & Arms

SPC21 Cymbal Arm Clamp

Cymbal Arm Clamp

Model # SPC21
SPC18 Cymbal Boom Clamp 18 in.

Cymbal Boom Clamp

Model # SPC18
SPC26 Micro Cymbal Arm Attachment

Micro Cymbal Arm Attachment

Model # SPC26
SPC23 Micro Cymbal Arm Clamp

Micro Cymbal Arm Clamp

Model # SPC23
SPC22 Micro Cymbal Arm Stacker 6 in.

Micro Cymbal Arm Stacker

Model # SPC22
SPC24 Jaw Cymbal Mount

Jaw Cymbal Mount

Model # SPC24
SPC16 Pro Cymbal Boom Arm 12 in.

Pro Cymbal Boom Arm

Model # SPC16
SPC20 Cymbal Boom Arm 18 in.

Cymbal Boom Arm

Model # SPC20
SPC19 Cymbal Stacker 8 in.

Cymbal Stacker

Model # SPC19
SPC15 Pro Cymbal Arm Rod 12 in.

Pro Cymbal Arm Rod

Model # SPC15
SPC25 Pro Boom Cymbal Stacker

Pro Boom Cymbal Stacker

Model # SPC25
SPC28 Auxiliary Hi Hat Attachment

Auxiliary Hi-Hat Attachment

Model # SPC28