SPL Xylophone

SPL has designed the perfect solution for xylophone players to practice at home effectively. Unlike traditional bell kits, the SPL 2 2/3 Octave Wooden Practice Xylophone is the ideal instrument that gives you the same sound and feel as a wooden mallet instrument. It’s an excellent choice for the beginning mallet player as well as an superior tool for home practice for the experienced player.

Some introductory xylophones use a single pin to hold the key to the frame. SPL uses the time-tested method of a Bar Cord with spring tension connectors. This allows precise bar positioning and minimizes the movement of the bar when striking. When learning, the position of the bar is crucial. The traditional pin method allows the bar to move sideways, which does not give true, consistent positioning. Plus, better tonal quality is achieved when the bar is suspended as opposed to pinned to the frame.

The matching custom, heavy-duty stand with interlocking positioners allow for a sturdier structure with no movement of the keyboard. The stand also incorporates the ability to add the 2 sets of resonators that enhance the sound quality and allowing the instrument to be used in an ensemble, unlike other practice models.

Sound Percussion Labs give you the very best sound quality and construction within its price class. Mallets included.

SPL Xylophone
SPL Xylophone
SPL Xylophone


  • 2 2/3 octaves — F5-C8
  • Padauk wooden bars
  • Includes mallets
  • Custom stand height 29″ (to Keyboard 30″)
  • 2 sets of resonator (one for each set of keys)

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