Total Drum Set Mute Prepack

SPTMP22 Total Drum Set Mute Prepack

Model #SPTMP22

Play your drum kit expressively without being loud with Sound Percussion Labs’ drum mute set. Fusion Mutes are specifically designed to deliver a great feel, while keeping your practice time quieter.

Most drummers have experienced the problem of noise complaints while practicing in apartments or late at night. Drums are loud and penetrating but Sound Percussion Labs Mutes dampen the sound, yet retain the feel of the drum itself.

The mutes are constructed of an ultrathin material that closely approximates the feel and touch of a stick hitting a drumhead. Immediately, drummers will notice a vast improvement over existing drum mutes and the makeshift use of towels, tape, and blankets. They are a breeze to get up and ready, just place them on the drumheads and cymbals, and play.

The Sound Percussion Labs Total Mute Prepack includes: a 22″ kick drum mute, 10″ tom mute, 12″ tom mute, 13″ tom mute, two 14″ mutes (for floor tom and snare), 16″ floor tom mute, plus ride and a hi-hat cymbal mutes.


• 22″ kick mute
• 10″, 12″, and 13″ tom mutes
• 14″ floor tom mute
• 16″ floor tom mute
• 14″ snare drum mute
• A ride mute

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