Agazarian Introduces Hand-Crafted Gongs

Agazarian AGZCG34Thousand Oaks, CA – March 2017..… Agazarian, a provider of value-minded cymbals, is now offering gongs from China’s Hubei province that have been individually crafted by hand in the ancient land’s centuries-old tradition. The new line includes 26-inch, 30-inch, and 34-inch Chau gongs (Tam Tams) and a 22-inch Wind gong (Feng gong), as well as sturdy steel gong stands. The new gongs come complete with a mallet.

Made from the fired cast of a distinctive bronze alloy, Agazarian’s Chau gong delivers a big, deep crash, providing a large spread of low tones with intricate characteristics. Ranging from a sustained drone to a building crescendo of fast explosive crashes, this hand-hammered gong is an excellent choice for both performance and recording, blending well with a wide array of instruments. It works beautifully in a variety of musical genres, including symphonic applications.

Agazarian AGZWG22The almost flat design of the Agazarian 22-inch Wind gong is the result of highly skilled hand hammering and lathing. Its distinguishing smooth sound is mostly low-pitched, yet can open up nicely with a wash of overtones when played more aggressively. Offering a shimmering sound for traditional ceremony, its vibration spreads out in an exceptionally wide pattern, with a long sustain. Like the Chau gong, the Wind gong complements a variety of musical genres. Play it with a traditional drumstick, as you would a ride cymbal, and you’ll get a great deep, dark, trashy ride sound.

Built of durable steel with a textured, powder-coated finish, Agazarian gong stands are robustly designed for heavy use. These traditional, square-frame, hanging stands are easy to assemble and will offer years of reliable, hassle-free performance. Three height adjustments accommodate gongs of various sizes. Agazarian offers two stand models: the AGZ26ST for gongs up to 30 inches and the larger AGZ40ST for gongs up to 38 inches. Both include smooth-rolling, locking casters for easy transport and placement.

Whether in an orchestral setting or a rock or pop ensemble, hand-crafted, attractive Agazarian gongs will deliver the gorgeous sound you’ve always wanted. Stands start at $89.99 and gongs start at $149.99. Check them out at Guitar Center, Musician’s Friend and