Sound Percussion Labs Marching Drums

Marching Snare Drums

The Standard Marching snare drum are perfect for those organizations what occassionally march in a parade and needs the tonal color of a basic drum section. So if you’re looking for the vintage sound of a marching snare the SPL Standard Series is ideal. Comes in two sizes, 13″ and 14″. Choose from Midnight Black or Pearl White. 

Sound Percussion Labs’ High Tension Marching Snare Drums fit the needs of any school function — from halftime shows to parades to pep bands and more. They’re designed for a more cutting, articulate and detailed sound for today’s modern player, with more detail and accuracy. The SPL High Tension Snare Drums are available in two sizes, 13″ x 11″ and 14″ x 12″, in either Midnight Black or Pearl White.

Standard Marching Snare Drums
High Tension Marching Snare Drums