Competition Marching Sextets with Carrier

SPL Competition Marching Sextet

Hit the field with a full carrier of sound with a SPL Birch Competition Marching Tenor Sextet.

Comes complete with 7-ply all-birch shells for a bright, highly projected sound while maintaining low-end attack, ideal for halftime shows, parades, pep bands and more.

Shells include 6″ (2x), 8″, 10″, 12″ and 13″ sizes, and we include a sturdy and rugged carrier to effortlessly carry them all. SPL uses triple-flange hoops and Evans™ drum heads, creating the open sound and articulation necessary for today’s most discerning marching ensemble.

Since all SPL marching drums are modular, you can swap out drums to downsize to a quint or quad, enabling you to reconfigure the included competition carrier quickly and easily. No drilling or special tools needed.

SPL Marching Drum Carrier
SPL Competition Marching Sextets
SPL Competition Marching Sextets Drum Head


  • All-birch construction for bright, cutting tone and low-end attack
  • Shells include 6″ (2x), 8″, 10″, 12″ and 13″ sizes
  • Evans™ drum heads for articulation and long-term durability
  • Effortlessly reconfigure to quint or quad
  • Available in Black or White finishes
  • Sticks included
  • Includes a free T-style lightweight carrier

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