10″ Drumset Timbale

SPL 10" Drumset Timbale

The Baja Percussion 10″ Drumset Timbale is ideal for adding Latin rhythms or that perfect Reggae fill to your existing drum kit or percussion setup.

Created with a true steel shell, this machine-precision instrument cuts through any band to add a unique accent. The shell is finished in polished black chrome, along with a matching SPL seamless one-piece rim for durability.

The heavy-duty steel mount is compatible with most popular size post sizes (9.5, 10.5 and 12.7mm) with the included interchangeable adapter. If you don’t already own a mount, try the SPL SPH05 or SPH02 mounting arm and you’re ready to go.


  • Solid steel 10” shell tone cuts through though all types of music
  • Polished Black Chrome finish provides outstanding stage presence
  • Durable all-steel “L” brace with rubber isolation gasket for top-grade reliability
  • Fits all popular percussion mounting brackets
  • Seamless SPL hoop for superior durability and tone

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