Sound Percussion Labs Stands and Racks

Drum & Percussion Stands & Racks

Sound Percussion Labs offers a selection of top quality stands and racks for drum and percussion instruments that include rack clamps, cymbal stands and arms, rack components, and percussion arms.

Rack Clamps

SPR01 Standard Rack Multi-clamp

Standard Rack Multi-Clamp

Model # SPR01
SPR02 Medium Rack Multi-Clamp

Medium Rack Multi-Clamp

Model # SPR02
SPR03 Right-Angle Rack Clamp

Right-Angle Rack Clamp

Model # SPR03
SPRCM1 Rack Clamp

Rack Clamp

Model # SPRCM1
SPRCM3 Mount Clamp

Mount Clamp

SPR04 Hinged Memory Lock

Hinged Memory Lock

Model # SPR04

Rack Boom Attachment

Model # SPR05

Percussion Stands

SP900DBTS Double Concert Tom Stand

Concert Tom Stand

Model # SP900DBTS
PSG-BAS01 Bongo Stand

Bongo Stand
by Baja Percussion

Model # PSG-BAS01