D5418 Street Bop 4-Piece Shell Pack

The “Street Bop” kit, from SPL's Velocity Series, is a versatile 4-piece shell pack that will suit a variety of gigging situations. These high-quality drums and smaller configuration open up a world of options, from small gigs to rehearsals to street jams. Any drummer will love the one-up-one-down classic style with birch and basswood construction. Strong highs and defined lows make this an excellent recording kit too.

This unique take on a traveling drum set offers superior portability and set-up ease. Express your percussive personality; hit the street and get back to basics. Check out the “Street Bop” Shell Pack today!

· 4-piece premium shell pack
· Birch and basswood shells with precise 45-degree bearing edges
· 18” x 16” bass drum with matching wood hoops
· 10” x 7” mounted tom with suspension mount
· 13” x 13” floor tom
· 13” x 5” matching wood snare drum
· Low mass lugs to maximize resonance
· Durable one-piece, weld-less triple-flange hoops
· Adjustable tom mount for ease of positioning
· Polished chrome hardware over a Silver Metallic Glitter wrapped finish
· Coated heads by REMO
· Cymbals, stands and snare stand sold separately

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