D4420 Unity 4-Piece Shell Pack Plus

The Sound Percussion Labs D4420 Unity 4-Piece Drum Set with Stands and Pedal is the “Go To” choice for professional who are looking for great tone, easy setup and knockdowns, and a reasonable price. The Unity D4420 features rugged, multi-ply shells, precision 45-degree bearing edges, low-mass lugs and is built to last — in your home studio or out on the town. Includes heavy-duty, double-braced stands and chain drive pedal. Whether you are a seasoned pro who needs a smaller gigging drum set, or just beginning your musical journey, the D4420 Unity Drum Set includes everything you need to start playing — just add your own throne and cymbals.

· All Poplar shells with precise 45-degree bearing edges
· Low-mass lugs maximizes resonance
· 20” x 16” Bass drum
· 12” x 8” Mounted tom
· 14” x 12” Floor tom
· 13” x 5” Matching wood snare drum
· Includes lightweight and durable double braced stands for stability
· Durable one-piece, weld-less triple-flange hoops
· Cymbal stand, snare stand and hi-hat stand
· Spring-tension, single-chain direct drive bass drum pedal
· Adjustable tom mount for easy positioning
· Polished chrome hardware over gloss black finish

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