SPL D4522 Unity Red frontSPL D4522 Unity Red leftSPL D4522 Unity Red rightSPL D4522 Unity Red backSPL D4522 Unity Red pedalSPL D4522 Unity Black frontSPL D4522 Unity Black leftSPL D4522 Unity Black rightSPL D4522 Unity Black blackSPL D4522 Unity White frontSPL D4522 Unity White leftSPL D4522 Unity White rightSPL D4522 Unity White back
SPL D4522 Unity Red front
SPL D4522 Unity Red front
SPL D4522 Unity Red left
SPL D4522 Unity Red right
SPL D4522 Unity Red back
SPL D4522 Unity Red pedal
SPL D4522 Unity Black front
SPL D4522 Unity Black left
SPL D4522 Unity Black right
SPL D4522 Unity Black black
SPL D4522 Unity White front
SPL D4522 Unity White left
SPL D4522 Unity White right
SPL D4522 Unity White back

D4522 Unity 5-Piece All-In-One Set

The Sound Percussion Labs D4522 Unity 5-Piece All-in-One Drum Set is the “Go To” choice for beginners and pros alike who are looking for great tone, easy setup and knockdowns, and at a reasonable price. The Unity D4522 features rugged, multi-ply shells, precision 45-degree bearing edges, low-mass lugs and is built to last — in your home studio or out on the town. Includes double-braced stands, chain drive pedal, cymbals and throne. Whether you are a seasoned pro who needs a gigging drum set, or just beginning your musical journey, the D4522 Unity drum set includes everything you need to start playing. Available in Gloss Black, Wine Red and Pure White.

· All Poplar shells with precise 45-degree bearing edges
· Low-mass lugs maximizes resonance
· 22” x 16” Bass drum
· 10” x 8” & 12” x 9” Mounted toms
· 16” x 14” Floor tom
· 14” x 5” Matching wood snare drum
· Includes durable double braced stands for stability
· Durable one-piece, weld-less triple-flange hoops
· Cymbal stand, snare stand, hi-hat stand and drum throne
· 18” crash/ride cymbal and pair of 14” hi-hat cymbals
· Spring-tension, single-chain direct drive bass drum pedal
· Adjustable tom mount easy positioning
· Black powder-coated hardware
· Available in Gloss Black, Wine Red and Pure White.

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