10” Shape Shifter Tambourine


Baja tambourines are a great choice when looking to add extra textures and sounds to your drum kit or percussion ensemble. And the Baja 10” Shape-Shifter Tambourine gives you even more playing options. A push-and-pull motion on the one-of-a-kind handle allows you to shift from traditional round to standard half-moon shape for faster, more aggressive accents and rhythms. The added volume of 16 double-row jingle pairs provides maximum volume to cut through the band.


• 10” Shape Shifter Tambourine in Classic White
• Transforms from traditional round to standard half-moon
• Push/Pull design allows for quick shape changes during performance
• Molded contoured grip and rugged hinge design
• 16 sets of nickel steel jingles for crisp accents


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