Baja Timbales Deliver a Wealth of Playing Options

Baja Timbale SetThousand Oaks, CA – November 2017..… Sound Percussion Labs (SPL™), designers of quality drums, percussion, and hardware for today’s hard-working musicians, announced the Baja BTB1413L Timbale Set.

The set includes 13-inch and 14-inch steel shells, finished in a robust black chrome finish and accented with rugged brass lug inserts that are tunable with a standard drum key. The set also features a black, 5.75-inch, low-sustain cowbell with adjustable rod. These new timbales deliver the brightness and clarity to cut through any band and feature an exclusive ribbed shell that provides a variety of playing styles, including cascara, and a guiro effect.

The sturdy, height-adjustable, double-braced chrome stand includes a convenient tilter that enables you to angle the entire timbale set. You can adjust the timbales’ angle for traditional stand-alone positioning, or easily fit the set into your current drum or percussion setup. The exclusive “stabilizer bars” connect the shells and minimize movement during performance and positioning.

“Our new Baja 13-inch and 14-inch timbales cut through a mix with a clean and sharp tone,” notes SPL Product Manager Gerry Helfrich. “They’re great for Latin, reggae, world, and today’s contemporary music styles. The exclusive stabilizer bars really add strength and support. But what’s most unique about these timbales is the rhythm variety you can achieve from the ribbed shells, and their authentic, pure, bright, clear tone.”

SPL drums and Baja world percussion products are available at Guitar Center stores, at, and at Musician’s Friend.

New Baja 10-inch Drum Set Timbale Cuts Through Any Mix

Baja TimbaleThousand Oaks, CA – September 2017..… Sound Percussion Labs (SPL™), designers of quality drums, percussion, and hardware for today’s hard-working musicians, has unveiled the Baja 10-inch Timbale, designed as a simple addition for any drum set.

This machine-precision instrument features a steel shell and delivers the brightness and clarity to cut through any band. Add it to your existing drum kit or percussion setup, and you’re ready for Afro-Cuban styles like mambo, songo, and cha cha cha; reggae, with its staggered-triplet rim shots; and other genres where you want bright, cutting tone.

“A lot of drummers use a high tensioned snare drum or modified small tom because they don’t have a timbale that fits into a drum kit,” offers SPL Product Manager Gerry Helfrich. “But that’s a makeshift substitute. With the Baja 10-inch Timbale, drummers and percussionists can add the real thing to their existing setup and enjoy an authentic tone that really cuts through the mix.”

Baja TimbaleThe Baja 10-inch Timbale’s shell is finished in polished black chrome, with a matching SPL seamless one-piece rim for durability. Its heavy-duty steel side mount enables you to mount the timbale just about anywhere within your drum set. SPL offers the SPH05 or SPH02 adjustable L-rod ball mount, or you can use the mounting arm you already have, as the timbale’s mount is compatible with most popular post sizes (9.5, 10.5, and 12.7 mm), using the included interchangeable threaded eyebolt.

The Baja 10-inch Timbale is available at Guitar Center stores, at, and at Musician’s Friend.

In Memory of Clyde Miller

Clyde MillerIt is with great sadness that we announce the passing one of our own, Clyde Miller, a valued member of Sound Percussion Labs team. Since joining SPL in 2013, Clyde has been a driving force in our brand development, including the introduction of a number of our most popular kits.

Admiration for Clyde runs deep in the MI Industry and particularly in the percussion and B&O community, as evidenced by the overwhelming outpouring of respect and recognition from industry associates that span decades. A musical passion that was sparked in high school drum and bugle corps, Clyde dedicated his life to music and music education for both the young and old, beginners and veterans.

He spent much of his career nurturing and expanding the skills of others — providing personal lessons, owning a teaching studio and running a music instruction lab as a Computer Music Clinician. As a music retailer and merchant, Clyde’s professional network widened, working at various music stores on the east coast.

Clyde MillerIn 2013, Clyde packed his belongings (and boxes of fine cigars) and moved to the west coast where he joined SPL — and embarked on his California Dream, living it to the fullest. For those of you who knew Clyde, we are sure you would agree, a kinder gentler soul you will not find. This easy-going Gentle Giant with a heart of gold will be sorely missed by anyone that ever shared the pleasure of his company.


Agazarian Introduces Hand-Crafted Gongs

Agazarian AGZCG34Thousand Oaks, CA – March 2017..… Agazarian, a provider of value-minded cymbals, is now offering gongs from China’s Hubei province that have been individually crafted by hand in the ancient land’s centuries-old tradition. The new line includes 26-inch, 30-inch, and 34-inch Chau gongs (Tam Tams) and a 22-inch Wind gong (Feng gong), as well as sturdy steel gong stands. The new gongs come complete with a mallet.

Made from the fired cast of a distinctive bronze alloy, Agazarian’s Chau gong delivers a big, deep crash, providing a large spread of low tones with intricate characteristics. Ranging from a sustained drone to a building crescendo of fast explosive crashes, this hand-hammered gong is an excellent choice for both performance and recording, blending well with a wide array of instruments. It works beautifully in a variety of musical genres, including symphonic applications.

Agazarian AGZWG22The almost flat design of the Agazarian 22-inch Wind gong is the result of highly skilled hand hammering and lathing. Its distinguishing smooth sound is mostly low-pitched, yet can open up nicely with a wash of overtones when played more aggressively. Offering a shimmering sound for traditional ceremony, its vibration spreads out in an exceptionally wide pattern, with a long sustain. Like the Chau gong, the Wind gong complements a variety of musical genres. Play it with a traditional drumstick, as you would a ride cymbal, and you’ll get a great deep, dark, trashy ride sound.

Built of durable steel with a textured, powder-coated finish, Agazarian gong stands are robustly designed for heavy use. These traditional, square-frame, hanging stands are easy to assemble and will offer years of reliable, hassle-free performance. Three height adjustments accommodate gongs of various sizes. Agazarian offers two stand models: the AGZ26ST for gongs up to 30 inches and the larger AGZ40ST for gongs up to 38 inches. Both include smooth-rolling, locking casters for easy transport and placement.

Whether in an orchestral setting or a rock or pop ensemble, hand-crafted, attractive Agazarian gongs will deliver the gorgeous sound you’ve always wanted. Stands start at $89.99 and gongs start at $149.99. Check them out at Guitar Center, Musician’s Friend and

SPL Marching Drums Provide a Competitive Edge

SPL Marching DrumsThousand Oaks, CA – March 2017..… Sound Percussion Labs (SPL), designers of quality drums, percussion, and accessories for today’s hard-working musicians, has introduced new competition marching drums that enable your marching ensemble to hit the field at full power. These top-quality instruments feature all-birch construction for bright, cutting tone and low-end attack. Hard, dense birch provides an articulate, focused sound that’s highly desirable for marching drums. The triple-flange hoops and Remo USA Crimplock® Pinstripe® heads create the open sound, increased sustain, and articulation necessary for high-level competition. All SPL marching drums are available in black or white finishes, and sticks are included.

For the most drum-configuration options, start with the SPL Birch Competition Marching Tenor Quads. These SPL tenors feature 7-ply all-birch shells for a bright, highly projected sound while maintaining low-end attack-ideal for halftime shows, parades, pep bands, and more. They’re available with 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch and 13-inch shells. Most companies charge extra for a carrier, but SPL includes a sturdy, rugged, lightweight, T-style carrier free to ensure you can effortlessly carry your marching drums.

SPL Tenor QuadsWhen you want to expand your marching drums, the SPL 6-inch Birch Marching Tenors are an ideal solution. Since all SPL marching drums are modular, you can quickly and easily swap out drums, enabling you to reconfigure your set. No drilling or special tools are needed; simply add the 6-inch tenor (or two) to expand a quad into a quint or even a sextet, using the preconfigured slots on the SPL carrier-or downsize a quint or sextet to a quad with ease.

If you are ready to go big or go home, opt for SPL’s Birch Competition Marching Tenor Sextet, which includes two 6-inch shells, along with 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, and 13-inch sizes. As with the Marching Tenor Quads and Quints, the SPL T-style carrier and sticks are included.

“Our new marching drums are exactly what you need for a competitive marching ensemble,” offers SPL Product Manager Clyde Miller. “We use only top-quality wood and other materials, and we paid attention to details and components that make a difference. The result is great sounding instruments that will hold up under the stress of travel and outdoor performances, show after show.”

SPL Competition Marching Drums are available at Guitar Center, Musician’s Friend and Woodwind and Brasswind (

Sound Percussion Labs Debuts New Unity Shell Packs

SPL 5 Piece Shell Pack WhiteThousand Oaks, CA – January 2017..… Sound Percussion Labs (SPL), designers of quality drums and percussion equipment for today’s hard-working musicians, introduces three new Unity Series drum “shell packs”. Great for beginners and advancing students, these shell packs (drum sets without the stands, pedals, and cymbals) feature rugged, multi-ply, poplar shells that deliver a bright, projected sound, ready to fill any practice space or performance venue.

Unity Series shells offer sturdy, 5.6 mm, 8-ply construction, with low-mass lugs and precision, 45-degree bearing edges for enhanced attack and superior sustain. They employ durable one-piece, weld-less, triple-flange hoops for enhanced strength and include top-quality Remo heads.

A high-quality, yet affordable solution for expanding your existing drum kit, the SPL Unity 3-Piece Extension Shell Pack includes a 22×16-inch bass drum, 8×7-inch rack tom, and 14×12-inch floor tom. Add this trio, and your old drum kit will feel and sound fresh, with many more musical possibilities.

SPL 8 Piece Shell Pack BlackDesigned for the advancing player who wants a great sounding drum kit at an equally outstanding price, the SPL Unity 5-Piece Shell Pack offers a 22×16-inch bass drum, 10×8-inch and 12×9-inch rack toms, a 16×14-inch floor tom, and a 14×5-inch snare. Use it to built a new kit or to upgrade your existing kit in a big way.

If you’re ready to go all out, get the SPL Unity 8-Piece Shell Pack. Delivering great tone, power to spare, and more drums than you can shake a stick at, this monster kit delivers dual 22×16-inch bass drums; 8×7-inch, 10×8-inch, and 12x 9-inch rack toms; 14×12-inch and 16×14-inch floor toms, and a 14×5-inch snare.

A kit this potent is not for the faint of heart but if you’re serious about double-kick drumming, the Unity 8-Piece Shell Pack is for you.
SPL 8 Piece Shell Pack Wine Red
Not quite ready for the full 8-piece experience yet? Start with the Unity 5-Piece Shell Pack, and add the Unity 3-Piece Extension Shell Pack later. The two smaller kits combine to give you the equivalent of a full-blown Unity 8-Piece Shell Pack.

“Our Unity Shell Packs are high-quality and very affordable, and they’re great for a wide variety of styles and skill levels,” observes SPL Product Manager Clyde Miller. “These poplar shells sound bright and present, and they’re built to last. We’re very proud of them.”

All three SPL Unity Shell Packs are offered in White, Black, Silver Sparkle, and Wine Red finishes. Cymbals, pedals, and stands are available separately. SPL Unity Shell Packs are available at, and at Musician’s Friend.