Sound Percussion Labs Drum Practice Pads

Drum Practice Pads and Practice Mutes

For the drummer who wants to practice playing their drum kit quieter without muffling the tone of the drums, Sound Percussion Labs provides a variety of drum practice pads with a natural feel and rebound.

SP6SSP Practice Pad with Mount

Practice Pad with Mount

Model # SP6SSP
SP12DSP Dual-Surface Practice Pad 12 in.

Dual-Surface Practice Pad

Model # SP12DSP
SPMUTE Drum Mutes

Drum Mute

Model # SPMUTE

Sizes: 08, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 22

SPMUTECR Crash / Ride Cymbal Mute

Crash / Ride Cymbal Mute

SPMUTEHH Hi-Hat Cymbal Mutes

Hi-Hat Cymbal Mutes

SPPDP92 Bass Drum Practice Pad

Bass Drum Practice Pad

Model # SPPDP92
SPMF Fusion Drum Mute Prepack

Fusion Drum Mute Prepack

Model # SPMF
SPMS Standard Drum Mute Prepack

Standard Drum Mute Prepack

Model # SPMS
SPTMP22 Total Drum Set Mute Prepack

Total Drum Set Mute Prepack

Model # SPTMP22